Our Projects


Self-Sustainability through Chicken Farming (SCF) project is for helping low income earning communities. Our SCF pilot project is located at Nakkhu, Lalitpur. The goal is to raise the living standard of a small community of 35 people -also survivors of the 2015 earthquake- who are still living in the temporary shelters.


TOGETHER FOR NEPAL organizes leadership development workshops & motivational seminars from time to time. Such programs stress the need to maximize one's potential by bringing out the leader in each of us. Through interesting activities, interactive exercises and the examples of many ordinary individuals who became successful in their life goals, the participants are encouraged to bring a positive impact in this world.


Khokana is a small town situated in the South of Kathmandu. Around its northern side, there is a small community comprised of thirty people from various districts displaced by the earthquake. The seven families of this community dwell in temporary shelters assembled of metal sheets & bamboos. They have been able to survive by sharing common expenses, thus everybody helping each other.


As per a recent United Nations Children’s Fund study, the child labor occurrence in Nepal is comparatively greater than other South Asian countries. Other studies indicate that Nepal has 34% of its children (age 5 – 14) as child labors, compared with 12 % in the South Asia region as a whole.


Physical facilities at Shree Buddha Basic School situated in Dhuskun-8, Ekle, Sindhupalchok were badly damaged by the 2015 quake. Currently, 42 children from class 1 -8 are studying in 2 temporary shelter or the splintered class rooms. The school principal, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Basnet, has requested Together For Nepal for help to construct library and the class room.